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Protecting Your Intellectual Property is Our Mission

Our law practice has one paramount objective: "Protecting everything you can imagine!"

Our Practitioners and Experience

To ensure complete protection, our law firm employs talented patent and trademark attorneys with a wealth of experience in patenting inventions and registering trademarks and copyrights. Our patent attorneys have backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and optical engineering, as well as chemistry, biotechnology, and physics. To ensure prompt response time, our patent and trademark attorneys are supported by a very experienced support staff.

Our attorneys have prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent and trademark applications. Our clientele include independent inventors, small and large companies, and universities. We maintain close relationships with intellectual property law firms all over the world, enabling our clients to protect their valuable intellectual property internationally. We are proud to help our clients protect their inventions internationally, serving clients throughout the United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan, among other countries. We also frequently serve other law firms who call upon us for specialized advice and counsel in intellectual property law matters.

A Long History of Patenting Inventions and Registering Trademarks

Simpson & Simpson, PLLC was formed in 1998, but traces its roots to 1928, and patent attorney R. Craig Kauffman's predecessor firm of Bean, Brooks, Buckley & Bean. Kauffman merged his successor firm with Simpson & Simpson in October 1998. In 2000, Howard M. Ellis merged his intellectual property practice into our firm as well, providing specialized chemical patent expertise. In 2003, Michael L. Dunn merged his practice with ours, bringing more than 30 years of IP experience in a wide variety of technological art areas. Several of our attorneys and members of our staff worked with one another at other law firms over the years, and have come together to build a firm whose mission we all share - providing the best possible service to our clients.

Assisting With International IP Protection from New York and Florida

In June 2000, partners Ellen Swartz Simpson and Robert Simpson purchased a 12,000 square foot office building on Main Street in Williamsville, New York, to meet the needs of the growing firm. The firm now occupies a large part of the building formerly occupied by Ellen's father, leading Buffalo ophthalmologist, Dr. Gerald Swartz, in offices redesigned for the firm by her mother, Adeline G. Swartz. In 2004, the firm opened an office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Protecting Intellectual Property - That's All We Do.

In selecting intellectual property legal counsel, clients should of course look for experience, skill, and capabilities. But we believe it is equally important to find out what motivates the prospective attorney and firm. At Simpson & Simpson, we're not just IP attorneys helping inventors and companies, we're inventors ourselves, which gives us a unique perspective as to our clients' concerns. We are passionate about helping companies and individuals protect and patent inventions. We appreciate that every invention reflects a spark of imagination and creativity, and we appreciate how much our clients invest in their creations. We understand how difficult it is to name a new product, and how valuable trademarks are. It's protecting creativity that makes the work so fulfilling. Whenever we convince the Patent and Trademark Office that an invention is patentable or a trademark is registrable, and whenever our advice helps protect a client's creativity, we consider it a success.


There is simply no better reward in intellectual property law than protecting everything your client can imagine! It's why we do what we do, and it's why that's all we do!


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