Trademark and Service Mark Registration Services

If you are launching a new product or service, the trademark attorneys at Simpson & Simpson, PLLC are skilled and experienced in advising how best to protect your trademarks and service marks.

Trademarks are extremely important to all businesses that provide a product or service. Whether you are an entrepreneur or established company, trademark protection should be a part of your business plan. You should be thinking about selecting strong trademarks, and preventing others from using your trademarks or service marks likely to be confused with your marks. You should be concerned about federally registering your trademarks when possible and you should make every effort to select trademarks that are not likely to be confused with marks of another.

Trademark law is very complex and subjective. To assist you in understanding this important area of the law and formulating your business plan to best protect your valuable intellectual property, we have compiled a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" culled from thousands of consultations our trademark attorneys have provided over the years.